W-2 Two-Wide Carbonless 6 Part

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W-2 Tax Form Two-Wide Carbonless 6 Part

Minimum order 50.

W-2 2-Wide (left) Copy A,1,D (right) Copy B,2,C

A standard 2-wide format with the employer copies on the left in black ink and the employee copies on the right in red ink. Designed for all data processing systems, including most "mini-computers" requiring a 14 7/8" form. Note: These 2-wides are for 132 print positions, and there is currently no approved format for 120 print positions. If you have a 120 print position printer and legibility is an issue, please refer to our Employer/Employee Twin Sets.

Construction: All Copy A and employee's copies are on the right side in red ink and glued on the right stub. Employee's copies are on the left in black ink.

Continuous, Carbonless

For use with envelopes DWC or SWC.

Overall Sizes: 14 7/8" X 5 1/2" (Except Copy A, which must be provided to the IRS as an 8 1/5" X 11" scanable page.)

Tax Form X3.

Also known as:
Greatland Tax Form 2CW2053
tax form 8888-3