W-2 One-Wide Mailer 6 Part

$ 1.77

W-2 One-Wide Mailer 6 Part

Minimum order 50.

This 6 Part W-2 one-wide mailer is the official IRS format. It is carbon interleaved with the employee's copies pre-inserted in an envelope. Please note that this form has 1/8" vertical spacing. Not recommended for all printers. Please contact us for a sample.

This 6-part W-2 set includes copies A,1,B,C,2,D.

Carbon Interleave, Continuous

Overall Size: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.

Tax Form XF6.

Also known as:
Greatland Tax Form QMW2056
tax form 7144-6
tax form 5136871